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Military & Veterans

VA Loan

VA Loan

Lets connect you with an experienced VA loan lender who is dedicated to serving our military. Below, you will find links to the VA website to learn more about the VA loan as well as where you can pull your eligibility certificate if you are a veteran!

VA Website

This site provides the specifics on VA benefits, eligibility, and how to apply. Some highlights of the VA Home Loan are: there is 0% down payment, lower interest rates, it is re-usable, the funding fee can be waived if your are at least 10% disabled, there is no private mortgage insurance (PMI), the max amount is $766,550--a lifelong benefit!

VA Home Loan funding fee fort gordon fort eisenhower augusta ga ehrin fairey realtor real estate fort eisenhower


This website is a one stop service of the Department of Veteran Affairs for ALL your benefits as a veteran. Specific to home buying for veterans, you will be able to log in with your CAC card or DS Log In information to download your certificate of eligibility. This will show your entitlement and if the funding fee will be waived due to your disability rating. 

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Getting Ready to Move?

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Fort Eisenhower Newcomers
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Fort Eisenhower
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Fort Eisenhower PCS Prep
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PCS Toolkit
Military Realtor Ehrin Fairey Fort Eisenhower PCS moving to Augusta

Moving to a new spot, let me help you find a military experienced realtor!


Basic Allowance for Housing is always important when factoring in what your monthly payment should look like at a given duty station. Click this link so you can effectively calculate what your families allowance will be!

BAH housing allowance Fort Eisenhower


If you are going to require childcare when you arrive to Fort Eisenhower, I would get on a waitlist NOW. Do not wait for your orders to be official as the wait is typically long. If you want your child to attend the Child Development Center on base, go to the Military Child Care Link and get on the wait list today! 

Fort Eisenhower childcare MCC Augusta GA


You can visit Tricare to look at in-network providers in the Fort Eisenhower area. If you are Select or Reserve Select, it is important to select your PCM and have a plan in place once you arrive!

Fort Eisenhower Medical
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