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Columbia County, GA - January 2023 Market Update

It is a new year and we have started it strong in Columbia County, GA!

Active listing are down, because we had an uptick in pending listings! Buyers are looking to buy again after the holidays,

and I think a big piece of that is because interest rates have dropped from their peak last fall! We are seeing clients lock in rates in the 5-5.5% range. With buydowns, they are even getting into the 4s! WOW!

Another thing to point out is that our list to sold ratio is still 98% of the original list price. Prices are not dropping drastically. In fact, the average sales price went up last month. Obviously, this can vary depending on which homes are on the market, but it is still a good indication that our market is chugging right along!

Another dose of good news, rates are likely to improve even more come this spring! So my advice, start working with a Local Lender and Realtor to get a strategy in place to buy or sale in the next few months, because the opportunity is yours for the taking!

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