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How's the housing market in Columbia County, GA?

You are probably wondering if now is a good time to buy or sell. From what you hear on the news, you may think homeownership is not attainable right now or that an impending market crash may happen.

I want to encourage you that our market in Georgia is strong! We have great job growth, a strong economy, and our home prices remain under the national average.

Columbia County consists of Appling, Evans, Martinez, Harlem, and Grovetown and is located west of Augusta, GA. This county is known for its great neighborhoods, schools, and is an incredible place to raise a family.

The market in Columbia County, like the greater Augusta market, remains in a seller's market, only 2-3 months for a home to sell, but it has softened, so it is not uncommon to see some seller contributions to closing costs or a home warranty. There has not been a dramatic decrease in home values, but homes here are not appreciating in the 14-17% range like we saw the last three years either.

Interest rates remain in the 5% range predominantly. This is significantly better than 7%, which is what buyers last November experienced. Overall, the rates are still historically low.

So is it a good time to buy or sell? That answer is specific to you and your circumstances. Our market remains strong, so if the timing, finances, and personal circumstances are beneficial for you, now is the perfect time!

Feel free to reach out so we can chat!!

- Ehrin

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