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Looking for a Realtor who serves military at Fort Gordon?

"I'M YOUR GIRL" as Neil Gordon with Augusta Business Daily would say.

Check out my interview with ABD below to learn more about my vision and HOW I serve military families moving to the Fort Gordon area, support PCSing in and out of the area, and connect my military family globally.

Plus, I focus on serving our military and veterans through donating to Warrior Alliance, running donation drives at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, collaborating with the MWR at Fort Gordon (you'll find me at the Independence Celebration on June 30th), and being an active participant at my local VFW post.

Reach out anytime with questions. I'm here to help ease some of that stress, to help you find a good realtor and lender wherever you are located, and to help your move to and from the Greater Augusta area go as smooth as possible! Check out my "resources" ( and "military" tabs (

Set up a time to talk or meet with me here:

Talk with you soon!

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